Adaptive Management, Operational Resilience, Organizational Collaboration

amoroc provides a range of technical and consulting services to small and medium sized companies and non-profits. we focus on helping clients address unserved & underserved elements of their operations in the area of resilience.

amoroc offers both software and services to assist with asset tracking, resilience/business continuance, contingency planning, shop floor operations management and consulting.

have you considered your predicament if your work space became unusable, unreachable or otherwise put out of service? while there are various products available to back-up your data amoroc is the only provider of tools and technologies to address all the forgotten physical aspects of running and sustaining your business.

whether making provision for alternative working space or deciding how best to organize limited space and inventory resources amoroc offers tools and expertise to reduce the risk and enable seamless, resilient mode,  operations.

if you have space that needs to be conditioned or remedied for productive use contact us for resources that will plan and implement availability of the space. want to make the space available as a resilient resource for someone else? let us know, and it will benefit your resilience readiness too!

if you have space that has fallen victim to unwelcome occupants and rendered  undesirable or unusable let us help you restore its value to your operations!

what is your strategy for resilience?